We manufacture a wide range of Fasteners based on the following standards & also as per customer specifications.

IS - Indian Standards JIS - Japanese Standards BS - British Standards
DIN - German Standards ASTM / ANSI - American Standards Indian Railway Standards

Standard fasteners:

Our range of standard fasteners Include high tensile cold forged & hot forged fasteners like Flange bolts & screws, Collar bolts & screws, Socket head bolts & screws, Cap screws & bolts, Hexagonal bolts & nuts, Weld nuts, Nylock nuts, Slotted nuts.

Special fasteners:

Our range of special fasteners are manufactured as per the customer specifications & can be made available in a wide range of surface protection coatings.

Chassis fasteners:

Our range of chassis fasteners used in the undercarriage of automobiles & heavy earth moving Equipment includes U bolts / U clamps, Centre bolts, Wheel bolts, Wheel studs, Axle Bolts, Anchor bolts, Shackle pins, Cotter pin con- Rod bolts, Combi screws, Wheel nut assembly, Rivets.

Turned components:

Our range of turned components are tailor made in accordance with the requirements of our clients. They are manufactured with a comprehensive range of CNC precision machines to custom design as per the exact needs of customers.

Product Range & Size:

Our product range consists of High Tensile Fastneres, Cold extruded parts and hot Forged components. Over the years, the Company has acquired cutting-edge technological competencies in forging, metal forming, close-tolerance machining, heat treatment & surface finishing.

Bolts, U bolts / U clamps, Studs, Screws:   M5 - M40, Length 10mm - 650mm

Nuts:   M6 - M42

Turned components:   As per customer specifications.